360 Total Security Crack + Keygen for PC Full Version Free Download

360 Total Security Crack + Keygen for PC

The safety, integrity and security of data within your computer is one of the most important things. This is because hackers and malware are always on the prowl seeking new and better ways to gain access to your PC system. If this is allowed to happen, the entire dataset in the computer would be interfered with and highly susceptible to damage. The information can also be used for identity theft, and one could lose a lot of money, in addition to undergoing further security checks. However, it is possible to avoid all these problems courtesy of 360 Total Security Crack for PC . Read on to learn why.

360 Total Security Crack + Keygen for PC Full Version Free Download

AS the name suggests, this software has been designed with all these protection needs in mind to ensure that the PCs it is installed on are offered the highest level of security possible. This is because its developers have factored in all the possible sources of malware and channels through which hackers may gain access. With this in mind, the developers have sealed the loopholes to offer the stable and secure software it is.

Key Features of 360 Total Security Crack for PC :

  • WiFi Router Protection
  • Antivirus protection.
  • Online shopping protection.
  • USB Drive Protection.
  • Layered protection
  • Browser security.
  • Webcam security.
  • Data hijacking protection.
  • Chat protection.
  • Download protection
  • Superior threat detection.
  • Computer Speedup.
  • Real-time threat detection.
  • Enhanced user interface.


360 Total Security Crack + Keygen for PC Full Version Free Download



Major Pros and Cons:


From the key features, it is quite clear that the application has several benefits. These include the wifi router and chat protection functionalities which prevent the transmission of viruses of the often ignored wireless networks

  • One of the things that hackers or malware do is hijacking information as it is being transmitted from one point to another. The data is then varied in a manner that makes it inaccurate or malicious.
  • The use of this application enables you to overcome this challenge as it also includes an advanced system for preventing such occurrences
  • Browsers and downloaded files being downloaded have direct access to the internet and are therefore some of the most prominent points of a target for malware.
  • You can avoid a situation where they take advantage of this loophole by installing this software as it has both browser and download protective utilities.
  • It has recently come into focus that malware can take over your webcam and used them for spying on you. You, therefore, have to protect yourself without sticking a dark tape over it. This can be done using the software as it allows for such protections.
  • USB devices can act as channels for transmitting malware and hence such a situation should be avoided by any means necessary. This software does so by offering real-time threat detection as well as USB drive protection. Installing it would, therefore, be a great thing to do.


One of the disadvantages associated with it is that the current version does not support protection for things such as audio jacks, which can also be hijacked. It is likely that they will be added in future releases.

Most Common Users

Anyone who owns a computer and cares about their safety and privacy will be thrilled to use this software. It offers wholesome protection.

Author note:

Everyone who wants to keep their data and identity safe from malware and hackers should prioritize getting this software.

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