Freedom APK Download App for Android IOS FREE

Freedom APK Download App for Android IOS FREE

Freedom APK Download App for Android IOS FREE

Freedom APK !

Freedom APK is an application that enables a user to hack the in-app features of an Android app and access its benefits at no cost. The technology behind this innovation is that the app removes all in-app purchases and consequently creates a fake Google wallet.  Moreover, to ensure a user is not caught on the wrong side of the law from its use,  the app works with the Free card system. This means that once the Freedom APK app is installed, the restrictions associated with android games apps can collect as many coins as you can without being caught by Google play.

The app is available in various versions. Some of its versions include Freedom APK 1.0.6, Freedom APK 1.0.7h. Freedom APK 1.0.7, Freedom APK 1.0.7d, Freedom APK 1.0.7 a that were created in 2015. The app is on frequent updates with the recent features being compatible with Lollipop and similar. The latest version is the Freedom APK v1.0.8c that operates in both Marshmallow and Non-Marshmallow support devices.  

The app is arguably easy to use. Once installed, the app displays all the Android apps on the phone that require in-app purchases.  

Freedom APK Download App for Android IOS FREE



  • Supports Android operating system
  • Hacks most of the popular and your favorite games
  • Works on Free Card system
  • Available in app mode
  • It is a legal application in the eyes of Google play store
  • Supports the Lollipop 5.0.x version
  • Enables high graphic game
  • Easy to operate


Main pros and cons:


  • Enables the user to enjoy the premium and paid version of android apps for free.  Further, the app allows you to access the premium level and gold level benefits that characterize a  broad range of Android games such as Cady crush saga and Temple run.
  • Furthermore, the app removes any advertisements that are particularly very annoying as they interfere with the game or the optimum operation of the Android application.
  • The app also enables you to collect the maximum number of coins and gems. There is no limit on these benefits. Moreover, it allows you select whether you wish to collect coins or gems.
  • Is arguably easy to use. Once installed, the app displays all the apps on the phone that can now be used at no additional cost.



  • Phone must be rooted. Failure to root the device will bring connection problems because Freedom APK is not compatible with the new Google play store.
  • Phone must be enabled to receive installation from unknown sources. Apparently, the administrator source is unknown.
  • Requires several prerequisites before it can operate. For instance, one might have to change the local time zone to read that of Moscow.
  • Further, new users cannot use the app within the first few minutes of its installation.


Most standard users:

The app is a must have for all Android app lovers.  Notably, game enthusiasts who can’t wait to move up to the next game level but cannot afford it.  Noteworthy, the app is used by most users with any rooted Android device who wish to enjoy their Android apps’ full benefits.

Author note:

Freedom APK app is a basic app for all android app lovers. More so, the app is tailor made for android game enthusiasts who cannot have enough of each game level. It is undoubtedly a free way to play like a gorgeous lady.

Screenshot of Freedom APK:

Freedom APK Download App for Android IOS FREE

Freedom APK Download App for Android IOS FREE

Freedom APK Download App for Android IOS FREE

More about Freedom APK:

  • This Apk game isn’t real hacking.
  • It will also support to buy gold, strength, and coins entirely
  • Freedom APK is the flawless Package for a great many ready lovers.
  • Completely free card that allows getting jewelry, money,
  • It has a great game; you can get coins as purchasing these, level and jewelry as well as.
  • It has the best option to dummy credit card and get purchases.
  • Permit it to the image in instruction to discovery the imageries that are misplaced once the processor software documents your telephone.
  • Approximately packages may be compulsory to uninstall them after rooting your device but are sure you don’t uninstall an outstanding program that strength changes the process of the movable.
  • Freedom APK App for an unlimited numerous Android platform is supported.
  • Regardless of your primary robot caring, you’ll be talented to connect any machine to your individual new device.
  • The package allows you the right to become substances from Supply.
  • The freedom asks to decrease different ads in android apps and advance experience provided by you.
  • IN freedom app, many apps that have root to manipulate the access.
  • IN root access, its memory and optimization for hardware’s are much better,
  • A lot games that plan.
  • Competitions together with numerous challenges.
  • MTG gamer and knowledge an Android,
  • The game has descriptions and unusual colors.
  • Impeccable Droid x games.
  • Excellent games presented on the market.
  • Freedom is continual to take a scan at the variance among children and adults
  • Freedom Apk is among the fantastic programs for the Android devices


How to use Freedom APK?
  1. Just Download the freedom Apk if you have not installed and if you install then first uninstall it and go to APk file + Data.
  2. AND download here the latest version of app file
  3. Extract it
  4. Is IT confirmed? That we have “Unknown sources” permitted in your safety sceneries
  5. Install downloaded APK and launched it
  6. Agree superuser authorizations request (root access)
  7. Tap on apps that allow freeing in-app buying, a slight wait. Apk Android apps should start automatically
  8. Following, make your in-app purchase

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16 thoughts on “Freedom APK Download App for Android IOS FREE

  1. Hello, I’m using a Galaxy observe four and haven’t any issues with starting or strolling Freedom, however whenever I press ‘stop’ my telephone turns off with the aid of itself, and the simplest way to boot it back up is to do away with and put lower back the battery. Do you understand something that would cause this? I suspect my ROM’s no longer compatible with this version, however, I want to ensure. Thanks.

  2. What browser do you propose using? It downloads however when I click to open not anything takes place. assist respond

  3. I downloaded this app became amazed to discovered it running on my phone due to the fact all different ask only crashes the google play or won’t even begin however after that the sport I wanted to Hackie, shadow fight 2 and modern strike its no longer working in them its say payment a success but while goes back to recreation in sf2 it has failed to verify by contact guide and in ms its say Google API error please solve the problem Thank you.

    1. We’ve mod for each the video games on ApkReal. Plus if you need to pass IAP download an old play store version from 2014 or download the original version of your app/sport or else do each. If not anything works, this may be paintings and if the high received work then there’s no other way instead of spending cash.

  4. Who’s the creator/s or developer/s of Freedom? I need to understand extra about the app and the way to help to do it better

  5. hi it did no longer work its miles announcing transaction is pending and Google play has stopped running what need to I do

    1. What’s up just wanna assist right here? It occurred to me as soon as.. And it’s not the marketplace unlocked I bet it’s because of freedom… All you want to do is visit root explorer discover etc.>hosts>maintain and click edit in textual content editor>upload # before the IP.. after which shop be aware: you want to have to furnish get entry to for root in spite of everything. Visit settings>apps>Google playstore>clean cache and verifiable facts then open Google. It labored for me … wish it’s going to assist.

  6. What do you mean “extract it” like the use of win rar on a laptop? Or…..
    Sorry, I’m truly nooby regarding this. If you may help me, my Kik is Sparrow_XV hum in case you wanna explain it to me.

    1. Hi there! Just want to assist you… You need to download root explorer no longer from play store because it’s no longer free cross browser for it open it and discover wherein the downloaded zip is maintaining click on for it and click extract

  7. Hye SF no longer all ask suitable in your device…oh one greater if you download app kid hack (title recreation), please ensure description say can play the game even as offline(no net connection)…

    1. Hola
      Bueno, tengo un problema
      Lo que pasa es que lo instalé, arregle el errors de Google play de sin conexion y ahora no está la targeta de freedom, aparecen solo las tarjetas que yo tengo
      Por desire ayuden

  8. Does it works for conflict of clan and conflict Royale or boom beach or hay day. I attempted as soon as it says that fee is pending, please assist me or endorse me which app have to I exploit for these games

    1. This app doesn’t genuinely help lots, and it also doesn’t work on most of the online games like you asked… however, the manner I’ve got a better app for in-app purchase download lucky patcher ask you won’t locate it on play save and to use it only seek on it the way to use lucky patcher… by using the way before I used lucky pitcher I used to apply freedom but now I use lucky patcher. Proper now I’m having a problem with it that’s why I’m downloading freedom…

  9. when I effectively purchased the item for as soon as the object simplest appear after I open the liberty first then click the alternative app.
    -Now and again its now not working. Nevertheless in conventional fee approach.
    -When I pressed domestic, open the google play save and seeking to deploy any other app the pop-up container says ‘errors no connection’ or ‘connection time out’ despite the fact that my wifi connection is full.
    However I fixed it. My play shop is working regularly. I’m the usage of Oppo R1001 (rooted), and I’m a noob about this things. I just want to recognize if freedom has a high success fee works in purchasing apps depends on what cellphone version/brand android tool is. thanks 🙂

  10. Men simply 4get approximately freedom and download lucky patcher it’s a lot higher in app buy. Freedom best work on a few games but lucky patcher works nearly on all apps, so I recommend you to apply lucky patcher. To use lucky patcher on it choose the game>open menu of patches>guide piece for in-app and lol emulation>follow after you follow it’s going to load then you gets by and large 2 successful and a couple of failed don’t worry approximately the failed if you were given 2 a success that’s sufficient for hacking go open app purchase and tick the last alternative and buy

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