GBWhatsapp APK Download Latest Version 5.0 (No Root)

GBWhatsapp APK Download


Why GBWhatsapp ?

Today we talking about the GBWhatsapp APK for Android and PC as well as. It is best apps for mobile who have to communicate through mobiles via WhatsApp they are like an android WhatsApp’s, but it has furthermore enhancement included. These features are themes setting; control menus polish, easy to use, simple to communicate and many other ways are included. GBWhatsapp is more advanced functionality and things that I share here. I know you are using WhatsApp’s daily and routine. So I try to give a face and newly desired Android apps that is much better than WhatsApp’s that name is WhatsApp. It offers many themes that you may change daily. Advanced optimization to control setting. SO the personal experience is mine. I used it and see all the configuration is this tool. It is new and fast as compared to WhatsApp’s.

It have many addon relate to WhatsApp’s that enhance the feature of WhatsApp’s , you will enjoy to use these option , you can customized every single user with different clouds and themes . You can bold the text style aas you want. Coloring the font your you wish with each for single users .Best Used for






Features GBWhatsApp


  • Hide the possibility of appearing
  • Privacy Options
  • The opportunity to distinguish between collective and communications that are regular
  • Watts password August
  • The ability to send video size 30 MB rather of 16 MB
  • The potential for pressure on the links without storing number sender of the message or the owner
  • Counter statistics for groups
  • View the media without loading
  • The possibility to conceal the title plus the date when a couple of copies
  • The possibility of copying instance
  • The potential of changing the kind of the system, and alter this system symbol and notifications
  • And additional features
  • Change your status plus change the dimensions from250 figures instead of 139 characters
  • Ability to media on links on chat screen without saving yourself or
  • Change notifications and the software symbol
  • And GBWhatsapp has Much More!

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