MyBackup Pro APK 4.5.2 FREE Download for Android/PC

MyBackup Pro APK 4.5.2 FREE Download for Android/PC

MyBackup Pro APK 4.5.2 FREE Download for Android/PCMyBackup Pro APK is essential apps that every smartphone owner needs to have, and a backup app is certainly one of these. We’ve all been in circumstances where we need to do a factory reset on our phone/tablet, or maybe you’re buying a phone that is new wants your settings, texting, and also other files which can be essential quickly move over. Search no further because MyBackup Pro by RerWare is merely one that is most beneficial out here for the amount of money.

MyBackup Pro for PC

MyBackup Pro APK you’ll back up your applications, pictures, connections, call log, web browser bookmarks, SMS (text messages), MMS (message accessories), calendar, system Settings, house displays (including shortcut jobs), alarms, dictionary, music playlists, and much more. The good thing is you will have more advantages like burning apps and software information that you don’t must be rooted, but if you’re. Nonrooted users can access nevertheless apps that are backup particular the developer integrates with MyBackup Pro.

Apps like AK Notepad, Note Everything, Meridian Player, and OI apps happen to be incorporated and might easily be supported. RerWare takes things one step further by providing you the capability to save your valuable backups to your SD space for storing that is card/internal their servers that are online. The online host choice is top protection you lose your unit as you will nonetheless get access to your files for restoring to your product in the event.

MyBackup Pro for Android

MyBackup Pro is, without the doubt, the backup software that is most beneficial available in the Android Market. It costs $4.99, but you can additionally take to their version that is free which you to backup and restore to just one product for one month. As Android phones are much more active and even more helpful, additionally they shop even more of your details that are crucial which be specific. Losing that data may be a complete much more than an inconvenience that exists and tiny the fragility of products, it truly is something which’s prone to happen at some time.

MyBackup Pro is an app which will supply reassurance in the event the phone gets damaged in a mishap such as a dip that is impromptu the bathroom . or a drop that is shattering the pavement. You can schedule automatic backups and restore your apps, data, and settings to a phone that is a network to your phone that is very same the function that is great information have now been accidentally erased) in just minutes. Considering how the time that is much would take to enter such data manually, this application is a purchase that is advisable the cost that is current of5.


Exactly what are can you backup?

You’ll back up one, a few, or your apps that are whole. You’ll back any part up or your log that is whole that call along with your photos, connections, bookmarks, SMS, MMS, system settings, home shows, alarms, dictionary, calendar occasions, and music playlists. You can restore selected information from backups, or the back-up that is whole. You can view your associates, bookmarks, SMS, call log, alarms, dictionary, and calendar tasks in the MyBackup Web Viewer if you should be copied to your cloud.

That is a software that is executed is the exemplary function that is important is fortuitously missing in the core Android OS. The service that would add could be backup that is wipe that is remote so you could secure your unit in case there is loss or theft. After that, MyBackup Pro is simply about ideal. Should you want to test drive it away for it, a 30-day trial offers variation typically available if you want to will get. MyBackup Pro APK is cooler Android backup apps to restore data, and all kind of data that you run in your mobile, can store in other device and any driver that you can store

Key Features:

  • Holdup and Reestablish by your resident location that you want to place the data  or SD card
  • Backup and Restore using into USB card
  • Cloud backup to our connected, safe servers, use your Dropbox account
  • Personal Google Drive Cloud account
  • Migrate information directly between 2 device
  • Directly to your PC/Android over the Internet!
  • Timetable numerous diverse backups to various settings
  • Repair to a current or novel Android ruse
  • Opinion the backup in feature without eating to reinstate
  • All Android 1.6+ strategies maintained!
  • Accessible in 16 idioms
  • Super informal reserve with progressive geographies and locations
  • Activate a hold up to initiate on your expedient at all from our website


Applications (Including Data if Rooted)

  • Photos
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Contacts
  • Call log
  • Text messages (SMS)
  • Message attachments (MMS)
  • Browser Bookmarks
  • Home Screen Shortcuts
  • Wallpaper
  • System Settings
  • Calendar events
  • Alarms
  • Dictionary
  • Music Playlist
  • APN settings
  • And much more…


MyBackup Pro APK 4.5.2 FREE Download for Android/PC

MyBackup Pro APK 4.5.2 FREE Download for Android/PCHow To Install?

  • Download app.
  • Install Normally.
  • Done Enjoy.

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