TreeSize Professional + Key 6.2.3 FREE

TreeSize Professional + Key 6.2.3 FREE

TreeSize Professional  + Key 6.2.3 FREE


TreeSize Professional

The Hard disk is a crucial component of any system. With continuous use of a hard drive, it gets messy and you need to manage it. It takes a whole lot of time to shape the hard disk after not caring it for too long. So to manage a hard disk that is used for a long time or hard disk which is entirely new, you can get hard disk managers which do your work for you and you don’t need to worry. Treesize Pro is a very powerful and versatile hard disk manager which is developed by Jam Software. It supports all the windows versions and also any servers/clients that are supported by Microsoft. It also has integrated 64-bit support which allows it access to the immense amount of memory and it can run on even huge systems easily and quickly. It allows users to managed and clean disk space much easily and effectively. A user also has access to different visual data that allows him to check on the amount of disk space that is used and the amount that free. Users can interact with files easily and can even also find any duplicate finds through the advanced search of this system.

Features of TreeSize Professional  + Key 6.2.3 FREE

Following are the key features of this program:

Quick and Effective disk space management
  • Users can check the size of all the folders, subfolders and files through its interface.
  • Users can check usage of disk drives on bar or pie charts.
  • Very detailed view of every file which includes a lot of additional information such as date of last modification, date of last access etc.
  • There is also a feature which allows users to check the size distribution of file by its age.
  • Users can also check the list of 100 largest files.
Flexible file search
  • It has its very own built-in file search option which is very customization and involves different filters to allow users to find any specific file first or to determine the size of all files of specific file formats in a folder or section.
  • It advanced system allows it to find any duplicate files and report it to the user too so the user can decide if he wants to keep them or not.
  • Users can copy, move and archive results of the search. Results can even be scripted for the use of the user.

Other important features include

  • It has complete support for NTFS.
  • It tracks the growth of all folders, subfolders, and files.
  • There is a scheduler which allows users to schedule the scans according to their requirements.
  • It is very quick and fast and users can even browse through the search results while searching without slowing the process.

Not all the features of this program are mentioned here because there are too many of them. But from these features alone we can conclude for sure that this software is one of the must-have for any computer user. It benefits users in many different ways and that’s why its popularity is increasing day by day. We don’t want you to miss it and therefore giving its professional version here for free. So don’t any time and go for it!

Screenshot :

TreeSize Professional  + Key 6.2.3 FREE
TreeSize Professional + Key 6.2.3 FREE
TreeSize Professional  + Key 6.2.3 FREE,.
TreeSize Professional + Key 6.2.3 FREE

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