Linux Data Recovery Sotware for Windows and Mac FREE

Linux Data Recovery Software for Windows and Mac FREE

Linux Data Recovery Sotware for Windows and Mac FREE

About Linux Data Recovery 

A lot of data are being kept on the computer these days. Computers are relatively safe to save data, and it’s easier to navigate through the data. But the network still faces the threat of viruses, malware which results into loss of data. Or in some cases, due to the corruption of windows, or due to a problem in the hard disk, the data become lost. In such situations, what a user desire most is a program or tool to get that data back. There are very few Linux Data Recovery products for this in the market, and even then each has some limits of its own which hinder a user from getting his work done. But R-Studio is here with Data recovery software for Linux which is a complete deal and gets your data back without any problem.


Complete Recovery Package

There are many data recovery software products in the market, but very few of them seem to do the work that they claim they can. Even those few products which work have some limitations that a user has to take note of. In contrast to those software products, Data Recovery for Linux by R-Studio works well in all conditions. It will be there by your side in whatever task there is a need for it. It can recover files of all types of file extensions. Users can also choose only to improve the specific type of data. So if a person wants to recover his personal photos, he can put file extensions that he uses for his pictures and does so without wasting much time.

Unlike other data recovery software products, it works with almost all disk partition types. Even the latest file systems like exFAT and ReFS are fully supported by this incredible tool.

Advanced and instant previewer

A critical feature that is vital for a data recovery software but is not present in many is the ability to preview files instantly. Linux Data recovery software provides this functionality and enhances it by giving a preview of many file types which can’t be previewed by other software products. People can preview images, lxxx, doc, pdf, ppt, doc, pp tax and a lot more important files with ease. It allows them to recover only the files that they need instead of recovering many additional data.

Data Recovery over Network

A very advanced feature provided by R-Studio Linux Data recovery software is data recovery over a network. Many times we encounter situations in which we cannot or do not want to remove a hard disk of a computer or cannot in the case of a notebook. This tool solves such problems by allowing data recovery over the network. Users can just connect the computer with data to be recovered to the computer which as R-studio recovery data recovery product installed and recover files with ease.

Screenshot :

Linux Data Recovery Sotware for Windows and Mac FREE

Linux Data Recovery Sotware for Windows and Mac FREE

Other features include:

  • Disk imaging
  • M.A.R.T. attribute monitoring
  • Multilingual support
  • Emergency CD with software installed


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