Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac – Free Download

Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac – Free download

Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac - Free downloadMicrosoft Excel 2016 for Mac is a renown spreadsheet program developed by Microsoft. It is used in mainly all the fields of science. Because spreadsheets are essential for management and use of data in all sciences including chemical sciences, biological sciences, physics, social sciences and every other one. Its most significant use is in business, commerce, and finance. Its application can also not be denied for just keep stack loads of data for different purposes.

With no actual competition, Microsoft Excel for Mac is the arena’s maximum popular spreadsheet application. Its iconic cell-by using-mobile layout leads the manner for statistics recording and shows in a manner this is very on hand and familiar. Its easy-to-use graphing features and brief equation calculations save hours of time.

For decades, Microsoft Excel for Mac has been the idea for database building and statistical analysis for hundreds of thousands of users and corporations all around the international. Children are even taught to apply it in colleges! As state-of-the-art program releases are followed, an increasing capability keeps Excel at the top of innovation and constantly relevant, securing its area at the top of the worldwide statistical software.

Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac - Free download

Salient Features:

Its essential features include:

  • The basic operation of all spreadsheets which include organizing data into columns and row and then doing different arithmetic operations.
  • It has an array of functions to provide meet the needs of statistics, engineering finance.
  • Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac also allows users to display data in the form of graphs, pies, histograms, charts and some three-dimensional graphical displays.
  • It provides users with the variety of numerical methods like sum, difference, product, average, use of differential equations and a lot more.
  • Equation Editor allows users to draw comparisons right onto the worksheets which make the work easier and faster.
  • Smart Lookup allows users to look up a word on the web directly to the software without having to leave the application window.
  • Newly designed ribbons look a lot better, and formatting is a lot similar to the excel for windows.
  • Formula bar is a lot more improved and allows you to take advantage of Excel’s formulas very quickly.
  • Allows users to store their files onto OneDrive cloud service and users can store, edit and sync their files online.
  • This version allows users to share their data in development with their colleagues and partner much more efficiently and therefore improves office experience.
  • Analysis Toolpak, a data analysis tool is a feature of this version of Excel which allows the user to analyze financial, statistical and engineering data.
  • PivotTable slicers allow users to go through large volumes of data and find patterns fast that is very useful.

In addition to above mentioned essential features, it has the vast array of tools for managing data, using data and getting data from external sources and updating its data. From above features, we can say for sure that Microsoft Excel for Mac which is an incredible software is made even better in this 2016 version and there is no doubt that it is useful for every computer user. We are giving this product for free here so don’t waste any time and go for it!

Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac - Free download

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