Phoning Home PC Game Full Version PS4

Phoning Home PC Game Full Version PS4

Phoning Home game is an open and engaging world game, and you’re in the role of ION on a mission, and you must protect natural resources. But on the way to the task, your ship will collapse. This crash lays you on an unexplained and unusual planet, and your boat is also destroyed entirely. This game is a story narrator of the 2 Robots, called ION and ANI, on scary earth with a world of strange things. On your planet, you are not alone, and various dangers threaten you. In addition to confronting these hazards, you should consider saving yourself and try to communicate with the mother ship. Interestingly, ANIIs a female robot. Early on, he is thought to be not a healthy brain, but later he realized that he was a very valuable ligament and that it was not possible to get rid of this dilemma without an ANI.

Phoning Home PC Game Full Version PS4

Other Description: ION and ANI are in a new condition, conditions that none of them were prepared to deal with. On a new planet! A planet in which the laws of nature are not correctly implemented. This long and long journey will be tough for them and will face the hardships and challenges of this new planet. Can these two lungs be saved and can they tell the story of this strange journey for the rest?

Technical Information:

  • Game: Phoning Home
  • Platform: PC
  • English language
  • Release year: 2017
  • Manufacturer: ION Lands
  • Publisher: ION Lands
  • Game style: Action and Adventure

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