Textra SMS 3.42 APK Free Download With PRO Features

Textra SMS 3.42 APK Free Download With PRO Features

Textra SMS 3.42 APK Free Download With PRO FeaturesTextra SMS APK With PRO Features is the best app to stock the media and text on your device, you have to receive millions of apps, and SMS received Textra SMS. It is too good and customizes Android apps to maintain your data and advance and secure way. Textra SMS 3.42 latest comes with a lot more customize feature, 100 of theme, wallpapers, best and develop gallery and many more tools that have really awesome to use.

Its feature of all customization of blast the work, its simple and forever free to use, we change and make a full good and best for it, we choose it to make mobile. Tablet best and good, we just use it free and easily just download here the links. Textra SMS APK included scheduled (future) SMS & MMS, bubble styles, light modes, behind sending (stop though distribution), photograph to erase / noise, rapid instant camera, multi-select image gallery, quick reply popup.

Textra right away replaces the stock messenger each time that is right setup a phone. The mix of security and choices are a mixture that is compelling can meet the objectives of anybody who installs it. I’ve been apps that are making use of by Delicious since back in my jailbroken iPhone 4 days, and I’ve always been happy with side its items as well as the ongoing work it puts into them.


  • MMS GROUP messaging,
  • Early speech memorandums,
  • 21 transcript dimensions
  • , SMS blocker
  • debarring
  • Automobile audiovisual
  • Depiction solidity
  • And loads additional.

A complete suite of customization and supposed to give a new look to your android mobile that makes a new and advances with HD vision, transport effect, like bubble colors, signature, and style of memos, names, effect, clouds of shapes and much more, some other its feature of styling are

  • We have bubble colors make device extremely outstanding
  • , monograms and announcements
  • Representation shade
  • LED color
  • Comprehensive sound best customization study case
  • Shaking
  • Confidentiality
  • Cues and muting
  • Become the latest 1600+ Android, Twitter, Emoji One & iOS style emojis
  • counting variety (skin tone)
  • Fair pick your favored emoji style, easy!
  • It’s attractive singular
  • shout from the treetops,

Extra Features:

  • Textra SMS is a texting software made to displace the default instant messaging app on Android items.
  • Textra SMS uses a lot more than 800 emojis that are various your messages and, also added, to instantly answer any message through the notifications.
  • Also, Textra SMS features its other alternatives which can be customizing its interface.
  • Your color can choose a base for the program from more than 20 choices which are different
  • Even switch between a dark (by standard) or software that is light.
  • Textra SMS provides everything through the traditional Android software and far more. 


Textra SMS APK



The text provides you beautiful customization powerful for a texting app. Within the modification window, you’ll find alternatives for background color (light, dark and black colored), a huge amount of colors that control the color of the club, bubble colors inside the conversation screen, and PC software icon color. The backdrop that is dark blue and accents that are green looks great on AMOLED display. Inside the application, Text by default substitutes its font for the system font, but you’ve got the ability to alter it to an operational default. The application additionally enables you to maximize the space by giving you a bar that decides sliding big you want your text. The modification takes weren’t. Message bubble design and Emoji style are additionally customizable.

You have got six balloon options to choose from that only differ a little that is little one another. Nothing right that is crazy. Emojis are a story that is whole is various. You can get choices here that cover the operating system that is functional, Android style emojis, Twitter, Emoji one, and iOS. Textra also updates emojis often and that means you don’t need certainly to hold back for a system that is functional from Google to get the maximum benefit ones which can be current.

The modification goes beyond whatever you see within the software. Notification change is an aspect that is big of this lets you create the application form yours. We mentioned before the answer that is quick, and it plays prominently within the notification customization. You have three choices once you touch a message text the warning color: Fast Reply with Keyboard, quick answer without Keyboard, and Full software.

Additional options include

  • how long you need the notification showing up for whenever your phone is locked or unlocked,
  • the icon you intend to arrive in your notification shade,
  • LED color that blinks the message noise,
  • Vibration options and whether you want the display to light whenever the message is received.

Note:: Text does not provision DUAL-SIM strategies yet.

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